TruLaser 1030

Our Trumpf TruLaser 1030 is a 3000-watt solid-state fiber laser with 5’x10’ laser bed. Fiber lasers are on the cutting edge of modern metal cutting lasers, and the Trumpf family of solid-state fiber lasers are the best in the world.

The designation of “fiber” laser is from the fact that the laser beam is carried through the machine via an extremely advanced fiber-optic cable resulting in almost zero loss of power. This design allows for the fastest cutting speeds in the market on sheet metals with no loss in quality. We can cut thicknesses ranging from .004in shim-stock up to 3/4in mild steel plate. We can also cut the widest array of metals including Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Bronze, Zinc and even Nickel. Trumpf lasers are the only class of lasers capable of etching highly reflective materials without damage to the machine. We can etch mirror finish #8 Stainless Steel, amongst many other metals.

TruBend 3100

Our TruBend 3100 press-brake is a 100-Ton, 10’ CNC press which uses an air-bending process. Air bending differs from bottom bending in two ways. It utilizes lower pressure which allows us to bend thicker material with a smaller/ lower tonnage machine. Our machine can bend up to a full 10ft piece of 3/16” thick mild steel, and shorter lengths of material up to ¼” thick mild steel. Air bending also allows for a wider array of angles to be produced on the same tooling, giving us a very diverse range of bend angles and part geometries that we can create.

The TruBend 3100 uses state-of-the-art CNC controls. We can accurately bend within +/- 1° and 1/32” with computer controlled back gauges and bend parameters, along with offline generated 3D Cad models to conceptualize bending. We push the limits of what can be produced!

High quality precision laser cutting

Our Trumpf 3000 watt 5’ x 10’ high-speed fiber laser provides the most efficient and precise laser cutting in the world. This fiber laser is extremely versatile from slicing the thinnest material up to ¾” thick steel or laser cutting stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, copper and brass. We offer etching services on various metals and alloys, including mirror finish #8 Stainless Steel.

Trumpf TruBend CNC Press Brake ensures consistent high-quality formed parts with a bending length of 10’. From a simple 90° bend to a complex multi-angle and multi-bend design, True Cut Laser has you covered!

Design and Layout

True Cut Laser is a division of Brandner Design with a staff of trained draftsmen to assist in the layout and engineering of your project. We offer 3-D modeling and engineering services in Auto CAD and Solidworks. We also offer 3-D Laser Scanning of projects nationwide to capture accurate as-built conditions and measurements to assure a finished product that fits seamlessly.

The items we design and produce are endless – decorative steel panels, door jambs, furniture, assembly parts, fixtures, structural members, stair components, automotive/agricultural parts and much more.

Fabrication and Installation

True Cut Laser is staffed with highly qualified welders and fabrication craftsmen. Proficient in TIG, MIG, braising and arch welding as well as machining and milling steel parts, our staff is ready to execute any project from the most detailed artistic piece or architectural element to a structural support or detailed fixture.

True Cut also offers professional installation of the most complicated assemblies, decorative art pieces or structural elements. Our experienced crews can ship, install and assemble your job anywhere in the lower 48 states.


True Cut Laser has a state-of-the-art baking paint booth and offers every aspect of painting, clear coating and powder coating.

As a division of Brandner Design, True Cut can provide the expertise of the most talented and capable finish artisans and technicians.

Brandner Design is a leader in acid patina colors and finishes on steel, copper, bronze, zinc and aluminum. Take a look at the finish options on

Contract Mass Production

True Cut Laser can help you design and build your great idea and mass produce it for distribution.

True Cut will research, design and create a prototype of your product for mass production or help you produce a one-of-a-kind custom piece.

With our cutting-edge machines and design technology, we can produce your parts efficiently and affordably.

Delivery & Shipping

True Cut Laser understands the importance of receiving your product on time and undamaged.

We offer in-house delivery services within 200 miles of our Bozeman, Montana, plant and shipping/crating services for orders across the country and Canada.

We will do everything possible to get your order to you on time – if not earlier.

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What type of materials can you fiber laser cut?
Metals and alloys only. We are unable to fiber laser cut wood, plastics, or metal mixed with other components.
What file types are required for fiber laser cutting?
DXF or DWG files with dimensions noted are required for fiber laser cutting. We can also start with your sketches, samples or ideas and create production-ready files.
What file types are required for forming services?
Forming services require a STEP file with critical OD or ID dimensions noted.
Do you offer fiber laser etching services?
We can etch metals and alloys only, please call 406-586-3302 for details regarding your specific needs.
What fabrication services do you offer?
We offer deburring, countersinking, tapping and welding (MIG and TIG). Please call 406-586-3302 if your project requires fabrication needs not listed.
What is your lead-time?
Lead-time depends on what services are required; we strive to meet your project needs. Please give us a call at 406-586-3302 to discuss your time-line.

About True Cut Laser

True Cut Laser is a product of necessity – the necessity to produce accurate and consistent parts, features and elements for the fabrication and architecture industry.

Fueled by the passion of its parent company, Brandner Design, True Cut Laser is staffed with a team of committed and talented designers, technicians and craftsmen available to help fulfill your fiber laser cutting, forming and fabrication needs.

True Cut Laser provides the expertise to produce custom steel wall panels, intricate decorative shapes and signage or structural components. Email, call or stop in and see us in our 7,000 sq ft shop, and let us help you create the parts you need to complete any project.

Careers @ True Cut Laser

If you are interested in joining our team and the journey of the creative process, please send us your resume and a letter of what inspires you to:

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